No program and game changes at all. Spent most of the day coming up with the 4 other classes I decided to add as well as the game mechanics. The other four classes are:

  • Holy Demon
  • Arcane (cute) Demon
  • Rogue Demon
  • Hunter Demon

Now each character will have two specializations that the user can choose. Either DPS, Tank, or Heals. All character will be DPS, however Holy Demon, Hunter Demon, and Nature Demon can heal with others being able to tank. Each hero will two magic abilities per specialization chosen which all follow the same format and at this, those are:


  • Ability 1 – A projectile that will affect one person
  • Ability 2 – Damage dealing AOE (affects multiple enemies in front of the player)


  • Ability 1 – Single damage dealing attack
  • Ability 2 – A damage mitigation ability


  • Ability 1 – Single person heal (probably auto target the lowest health person)
  • Ability 2 – Group heal of some sort

With all that being said here are the images for the new Arcane/Cute hero and Hunter hero. I didn’t have time to put them together yet as I have a pool league on Monday evenings.



Pivoting in software engineering usually has a negative stigma associated with it. Why? Because it costs a ton of money and it’s a sign that the company may not completely know what direction they want to go, but lets stick with the first part. Not only did you pay your staff for the weeks or months of work they did to create feature/piece A, but now your paying them to scrap it and create feature/piece A (or B in some cases). However pivoting is not always a bad thing…especially when the team is small and there are no deadlines and they’re not getting paid. For example: this game. I’m the only one working on it, I don’t have any hard deadlines except for the ones I set myself (but that’s just to keep me in line), and i’m not getting paid for any work I do on the game.

That being said, what exactly did I pivot from and to? Well, I was in the shower last night and thought to myself: Do people really want to play as zombies where each and everyone one has the same attack and special/magic ability? The answer I came up with was ‘no’. There needs to be some diversity to keep the game from being stale. So new playable characters have been created and zombies will not be apart of the game.

The characters each will have a different magic ability as well which are, from left to right: Fire, Ice, Nature, and Demon.

I would like to add maybe 1-3 more, but I’m running out of colors. I’m thinking lightning (I tried yellow and grey and it looked horrible), holy (where the special doesn’t deal damage, but heals your team mates instead), and maybe arcane (pink) or earth (brown), but I feel like brown would be ugly as well.

With that being said and without further ado, here are the first images of the new heroes.

First art of the new heroes

First art of the new heroes



Decided to take a different approach and start working on the players character (the zombie)

  • Player can now move up/down and left/right using the left joystick of a controller
  • Attack has been mapped to the ‘X’ button on the controller
  • Zombie now has idle animation
  • Zombie now has run animation
  • Zombie now has attack animation
  • Zombie now plays run animation when moving
  • Zombie now plays attack animation when pushing X
  • Zombie now plays idle animation when not moving

I think I’m going to start doing these as well. Every weekend I’m going to post a short clip or image of whats been going on. As per the last few change log entries, I spent this week working on the first mob and AI for the game. You can see it, albeit it’s rather boring, below.

Again, more work on the initial Orc enemy, but mixing it up with a few other things.

  • Orc now plays attack animation when attacking
  • Player health bar now properly goes down when attacked. Nice to know that I was both dividing by 10 instead of 100 and also using ints instead of floats this entire time. 
  • Game now stops and shows a very rough draft of a “Game Over” screen when the player health reaches 0

Actually going through and thinking about what I should work on next, the first Orc is basically done* minus a ‘Got Hit’ animation and SFX.

I also installed a bug/feature tracking system on another server so that I can keep track of everything that needs to get done to show off a playable prototype. According to this list, I will need to create 12 major things. Sounds simple until you realize that I’ve spent a week simply working on 1 Orc and a few of those things are way bigger such as creating the entire Jungle world and the very first boss fight. Not to mention anything else that happens to pop up during that time.


*implies that it’s done enough to show a prototype and continue on to working on other things.

Continuing work on the Orc mob

  • Orcs will no longer ‘stack’ on top of each other as easily
  • Orcs now deal damage when attacking (temp number is between 10-20 damage)
  • Orcs will now stop running when they are in attack range

The last one was a lot more difficult than it sounds to do and i’m frustrated so I’m done for the day. Going to play Overwatch.

Started to work on the enemy and AI for the Orc mob…

  • Orc now has idle animation
  • Orc  now has run animation
  • Orc will now run after the player
  • Orc will now properly face the character when running
  • Orcs can no longer collide and push each other
  • Orcs can no longer push the player
  • Orc can now properly detect when in attack-range of a player
  • Temporary background music has been added